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Back to Basics

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

This is a throwback to 2016, when my interest in D&D resurfaced in a major way. This was originally posted on FaceBook and is a decent account of my Session Zero.

November 26, 2016

I’ve been thinking a lot about Dungeons and Dragons and the role (or roll) it’s played in my life since the early 80’s.

My mom got me the Basic Set in 8th grade. Probably because I was a big reader and loved puzzles and games, was into crafts and mechanics, so my imagination outweighed my physical prowess. She probably went into a store and wanted to get me something that would drive my imagination and some awesome clerk probably suggested D&D.

I delved in all alone, creating characters and being my own Dungeon Master. My imagination was alight and it didn’t matter that I didn’t have anyone to play with. Soon friends would emerge with similar interests in the fantasy world. Eric, Thorne, Dave, Chip, Mike and others soon caught on and I was off and running! Those early sessions were amazing and we where onto Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in no time. Thorne diving onto the back of a red dragon was the stuff of legend!

We played by candlelight, under desks in class, in the woods with scavenged furniture. We ate crappy junk food, read comic books and ran wild though the fields of South Windsor! 35 years later, now I’m playing in an awesome campaign with the brilliantly animated Neal as DM and I’m having so much fun! Role playing is now finding it’s way into popular culture, Vin Diesel plays, it’s in TV shows, podcasts and youtube channels devoted to D&D. A long way since me and my imagination first battled bugbears, goblins and skeletons...

What a long range trip it's been!

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