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Welcome to Peeking Over the Screen

Insights of a Dungeon Master

This blog focuses on my experiences with Dungeon & Dragons (and other RPGs,) as a player and a Game Master.  It’s not about the mechanics and styles of playing these games, it's about the personal revelations that come with the experience of running these collective storytelling campaigns.

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On(e D&D) the Origin of Species

Merely switching one word for another, a find/replace step that takes a couple of clicks, isn’t necessarily doing enough.

Finally another blog post…

We are creative people, players and Dungeon Masters alike. The degree of creativity to which we may escape, well… that’s what this blog is a

What’s in the Box?!?

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the Mystery Box approach to storytelling, where revealing bits of information in a non-linear...

They Write Themselves

This week, I’ve been thinking of the times when authors or screenwriters will describe creating stories with characters that ‘write...

In the Mud

I was alone quite a bit as a pre-teen and teenageer, my father worked early and my mother worked the second shift, so there were a couple...

Entering the Glade

When met with the decision to either play for only an hour or not play at all, the group unanimously chose the former to accommodate one...

Just Roll WIth It...

It’s our regular Saturday pandemic session, kept to two hours to avoid Zoom burnout and a futile attempt to propel the game along. Our...

Back to Basics

This is a throwback to 2016, when my interest in D&D resurfaced in a major way. This was originally posted on FaceBook and is a decent...

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Thanks for your interest in Peeking Over the Screen. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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