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Fantasy Writing Samples

Here are some samples of narrative interstitial fantasy writing I’ve done for campaigns I’ve run.  This will give some insight into what my homebrew games feel like.

Fantasy Writing Samples: Welcome


My friend Ian came up with Mox Barsuk, a wood gnome druid in a game a couple years ago.  I was taken by the way Ian played the character with such a surly disposition that I was often inspired to write about him.

The gently sung melody dances on the air, mingling with the sounds of nature and seems to enhance the beauty of the approaching dusk. The bard, Novim, tall and lean with long white hair strides confidently down the forest path while the short, scruffy gnome walks at his side.  Mox looks like he’s about to crawl out of his skin, “By the Seven! Will you stop that damn singing?!!”

Novim smiles wryly and retorts in a fluid, melodic voice, “I’ll cease singing if you give me a story, my good friend…”  Mox spits out something he’s been chewing on for who knows how long and responds, “Fine. I’ll tell you a damn story if it’ll shut you up.”

Mort, the Bugbear

Mort was a bugbear in a work crew, hauling rocks from one place to another.  The creature was hit with a Friends cantrip and was looking for a reason to quit the work detail anyway.  He answered a few of the party’s questions, had a snack and went on his way...

He was never more sure of anything in his life. Why wouldn’t he be, his friends wouldn’t lead him astray. Trudging through the woods has never been a problem for Mort,in fact it’s the gentle stillness of large trees that reassure Mort of the importance of grounding and what’s more grounding than good friends that care for you. Friends give tasty jerky and even better advice. 

The woods grow dark and cold and Mort is seeing the same mossy stump for the fourth time and he realizes he’s lost in the woods. It’s not just that. The cold and dark descend on Mort in an instant and he feels the deep despair of abandonment. Or wait, is it the urge to grind his ‘friends’ into a thick and chunky pink paste that heightens the feeling of being lost…. and abandoned… He’s more broken than angry now, something has changed in him. He never knew purpose other than to do what you are told or beatings will surely follow. 

This was different. For the first time Mort felt kindness and with friends it was as though he were being heard for the first time. But where are his friends? Where is Mort? Will friends help Mort or will it be the same as always… lost in the woods. And there’s that stump agan. One lonely stump. All alone… So completely alone. 

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